Operating voltage ranges from 4.5 to 12 VDC. 

The no load rating is 9000 RPM @ 6 VDC @ 0.39 Amp.   These could run well over 9000 RPM with double the voltage. 

The case O.D. measures 1.13" and along the case  flats is 0.96"  with a case  length being 1.7" long.  The shaft is 1/2" long with a diameter of 0.09" and features a knurled end for a press fit. The feature 2 taped holes at the shaft end for ease of mounting (See Above Photo).

There are many uses for these motors, but they are an excellent choice for RC, modeling particularly model airplanes. They are great for cars or anything else like miniature battlbot experiments, school projects etc. etc.